Selina Selina Selina

English Artist Selina Selina Selina is very passionate about her work absorbing inspiration from her continued love of travelling the world. Her extensive travel experiences dictate the style and form, allowing an insight into her life at that moment.

Maintaining a base that compliments her English heritage, Selina’s paintings range from the beautiful, delicate and enchanting to the bold, strong and eye catching that reflects her love of life. Selina does not categorise her work, as she feels this will limit her artistic options to cover a range of subjects.

Selina paints with emotion reflecting her drive and energy as well as the caring side of her personality. She has the flexibility to work with different clients on varied types of oil and acrylic projects on a freelance basis. Selina Selina Selina possesses the ability to bond with client and express their aspirations with her own unique style.